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Hongyang Art International Co., Ltd(HYA) was founded in 1993. It is one of the major oil painting manufacturers and exporters in China. In the first 15 years, HYA supplied oil paintings in different grades of quality from Top quality to low quality, in order to meet all groups of customers. However, from year 2008 till now, HYA focuses on Top quality oil painting reproductions. Currently most of talented and professional Chinese artists work together with HYA,which guarantees prompt delivery,steady best quality and competitive prices. HYA is striving to offer the possible best quality.

Product Offering

1.Reproduction Oil paintings on canvas/board: seascape, still life, animal, abstract, snowscape, Mediterranean, impression garden scenery, flower, classic scenery, boat, streetscape, child and pet, special impression simple classic people, realistic, nude, modern person, Japanese, Indian, impression scenery, impression person, Chinese lady, comprehensive classic people, and reproductions from Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet, Gauguin paul, Sisley,Alfred, Picasso, Modigliani, Klimt, Jack vettriano, Goyo, Cezanne paul, Pino, Degas, Morisot, Berthe and so on.

2: Original oil portrait on canvas: created according to customers' photos

3: Original Chinese oil painting on canvas: painted by local well-established artists

Monthly Capacity

500-600 pieces of oil paintings in Top quality


Our company is located in Xiamen Special Economic Zone, China. Here is a sketch of Xiamen.

Xiamen lies on China's southeastern coast, faces Taiwan Province across the Taiwan straits, covering a total area of 1,565 km2 with a population of 2.04 million.

Xiamen is an intriguing scenic port city. Over the years, she has been recognized as "National Sanitary City", "National Garden City", "National Model City for EnvironmentalProtection", and "Outstanding National Tourism City". Xiamen is also dubbed "the Coziest City of China". Here the scenery is fantastic and the climate pleasant. Xiamen enjoys a mild and rainy subtropical marine climate, and is neither too hot in the summer nor too cold in the winter. The northeastern wind prevails, and the temperature during the Fair averages 26℃.

Xiamen has become one of the ten major national tourist cities depending on its special geographical position and rich tourist resources.

Xiamen is among China's top ten ports, with sea links to 60-plus port in 40-odd countries and regions. Xiamen is also one of the major aviation hubs in Southeast China, with 102 domestic and international air routes, including links to Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Japan. In addition, Xiamen enjoys a full range of modern communication facilities guaranteeing quick and easy contact with the rest of the world.

Xiamen, with its particular charms, is attracting numerous tourists from all over the world.

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