About Packing and Shipment

About Packing and Shipment

How to pack? See steps below:

1, A plastic film is put on the surface of each painting, to protect oil paint.

2, A small plastic tube is used to roll the painting.

3. After being rolled, an andhesive tape is used to make it tight.

4. Putting it into a bigger cardboard tube, sealing both ends of the tube.

5. And then? Ready, Send it out....Hehe:-0

Method of shipment:

1. Via Express courier: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT etc, directly to door. You don't need to do Customs work.
5-7 working days' arrival to door

2. Via Air to your airport. You will need to handle all the Customs work and pick up the package by yourself.
5-7 days' arrival to airport

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